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The live entertainment heart of Arlington has resided at The Clarendon Grill for years and pub quiz has become a large part of that as our quiz nights there rank as one of the largest and most amusing in Northern Virginia. Thanks to our long-time hosts Chris and Phil the trivia is a great combination of thought-provoking questions and witty banter between the two. If you are ever looking for something different than the typical trivia night be sure to check them out and ask 'what's in the box?'. Who knows, maybe if you're lucky a majestic skylark will make a guest appearance.

Results Summary

Weekly Winners

April 26Twats In The Box

Expanded Weekly Winners

Season Standings

1stJames Bondage586
2ndGang Bang Style574
3rdThe Red Tide564

Expanded Season Standings

Season Champions

Winter 2017James Bondage1951
Fall 2016The Red Tide1794

Expanded Season Champions

Attendance Leaders

242 VisThe Red Tide
196 VisK.C. & The Sunshines
132 VisJames Bondage

Expanded Attendance Leaders

Single Game Leaders

196 PtsThe Red TideMarch 30, 2016
191 PtsThe Red TideJanuary 6, 2016
188 PtsGang Bang StyleFebruary 22, 2017

Single Game Leaders

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Address:1101 North Highland Street
Arlington, VA 22201

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Game Night:Wednesdays at 8:00 PM
SpecialsSamuel Adams



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