Crafthouse Fairfax

Results Summary

Weekly Winners

September 21Ruck-N-Chug

Expanded Weekly Winners

Season Standings

1stMalty the Snowman1253
2ndQuizlamic State883
3rdShe Told Me There Would Be Free Beer711

Expanded Season Standings

Season Champions

Spring 2021Trivia's 4 Nerds221

Expanded Season Champions

Attendance Leaders

13 VisMalty the Snowman
11 VisShe Told Me There Would Be Free Beer
9 VisQuizlamic State

Expanded Attendance Leaders

Single Game Leaders

163 PtsRuck 'n' ChugSeptember 7, 2021
161 PtsRuck-N-ChugSeptember 21, 2021
160 PtsBoozehoundsJuly 20, 2021

Single Game Leaders

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Contact Information

Neighborhood:Fairfax Corner
Address:11861 Palace Way
Fairfax, VA 22030

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Trivia Details

Game Night:Tuesdays at 7:30 PM


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