Detailed Standings



General Information

The results of every team, on every night, at every location are compiled over a three month season to accumulate standings towards a championship. While other pub quizzes may keep track of perhaps the top five finishers or less, we feel our system offers a fair reward that reflects both attendance and performance. The teams listed at the top of our respective location standings have demonstrated their excellence at both.

Season Format

Season standings are broken into three month intervals separated by calendar months so that all locations end at the same end of the month. Each year consists of four periods that run from January to March, April to June, July to September, and October to December. If a location starts late or ends early, the standings will be abbreviated and start over during the next cycle.

Season Scoring

Season standings are exclusively based on cumulative points which actually favor those that attend more. Each season generally consists of 11 to 13 weeks and in most cases, a team that has perfect attendance often surpasses those that perform better but miss one night or two. As a result, there are no weekly scores truncated off standings. Every week counts and no weeks will be omitted under any circumstances. If a season championship matters to you, it is vital that you attend every week.

Season Prizes

Season champions are awarded various prizes and honors depending on their respective venue. In general, a season champion, and possibly runners up, may receive from $25 to $100 in respective venue gift certificates. This is not mandatory and several locations do not award a monetary prize; please check with your venue directly for more information.

In addition to monetary prizes, several locations instead award concert tickets, sporting event tickets, private party reservations, and other prizes relative to each venue. These prizes should be confirmed with each respective venue for more specific information.

The most honorable benefit to winning a season championship is an invitation to our annual championship in January, having your team name displayed on venue trophies as season champions, and having your team name displayed on the tutorial sheets and web pages that reach over 10,000 groups throughout the following season.

Standings Corrections

It is very common for new teams to fail in providing a season team name in order to consolidate each weekly trivia night's scores. On occasion, regular teams fail to list their season name when using weekly aliases or a substitute host may fail to merge teams. As a result, if you notice your team listed under two or more separate names in our standings (current or past seasons) please e-mail with instructions on which weekly teams should be merged into which season name. In the future, later this summer, this process will be automated to teams that have completed their registration online.

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